Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wrist Tattoo

Tattoos are very personal expressions and they can be inked anywhere on the body, depending on your preference and your tattoo artist’s talent. The wrist is one of the most popular locations for a trendy and eye catching tattoo. However, it is always better to weigh all the aspects before getting a wrist tattoo, here is a list of pros and cons.

Pros of a Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is the perfect canvas for small and delicate designs. Simple shapes like stars, Zodiac signs symbols, or the all time favorites like heart and cross; too intricate details does not stand out much on this region. However delicate bracelet style designs work very well on the wrist like chains, rosary, charm bracelets or vines and flower design. Though they are pretty common designs, they can get a unique twist depending on yours or your tattoo artist’s creativity.

Wrist tattoos are great for showing off. Since it is out in the open, you can flaunt your tattoos without any hassles. Moreover, since big and bulky designs are not fitting for a wrist tattoo, usually they are cheaper than the tattoos which go on places like your back or your arm as the ink spent in those cases is a lot more.

Cons of a Wrist Tattoo
Since the wrist is a highly mobile area tattoos tend to fade more quickly in this region than the other more rigid regions. Touch-ups may be required in the future. Due to this mobility it also takes a long time for the tattoos to heal. The pain quotient is also likely to be more as there is little flesh in this region to cushion the pain. There are also risks due to the bundle of veins and arteries that lay under a very thin layer of skin.

The wrist is easily visible and so are wrist tattoos. On one hand it is great for showing off, on the other hand, they may be a hindrance during job applications. Most companies still disapprove of tattoos, especially the big corporate offices. So you might have to make a conscious effort to hide the wrist tattoos if there are chances of a negative response.
Consider these pros and cons carefully to make the decision on whether you want to get a wrist tattoo or not. Always remember that tattoos are commitments, they need a lot of planning and a lot of thought. It is very difficult to remove a tattoo and it is advised that you take the right decision. Try and make the right choice about your tattoos and their locations the first time around!

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