Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh Hell No / Messed up Tattoo

From news source: A Northwest Side White Sox fan who had the White Sox logo accidentally tattooed backward on her thigh. Since then she has undergone extensive laser tattoo removal and will require a larger tattoo to cover the scarring from the treatments.

From me: It just frustrates me when I see someone with a messed up tattoo. Someone going for some Ink and ending up with a screwed up job is just a nightmare. One thing is having a customer being a pain in the ass (like the lady screaming like a maniac while starting to get tattooed in the video I'm sure the whole world has seen already) and a customer who complies with staying still and hoping for the best. It is hard to believe some Tattoo Parlors with a good reputation would allow someone with little experience would tattoo customers with any kind of discrete supervision (not to scare off customers). I know becoming one of the best in the field don't happen overnight but I think the artist should do their best day by day to improve their skills and not to just get stuck in a certain stage (like the beginner stage for example). It is bad for business to have an artist that usually does the same type of work on a daily basis and such artist not trying to explore more advanced techniques in order to grow in the field and evolve their skills. This woman got her tattoo done backwards and she has to deal with the traumatic experience of removing and modifiying what she inteded to do. Look closely at the Lettering and those flowers YUUUCK. I won't say the name of the business or artist who did that messed up work on her because I try to write good things about Body Art and (so far) the only way I can mention a name or a business name is if I have something good to say about them. People tend to be aware about doing research, BLAH BLAH BLAH, before getting Tattooed but still never do, and when something goes wrong then they scream, cry, bitch and moan about it.

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