Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bollywood's Ink Trend


Whats with Bollywood stars that they are so obsessed with getting “inked”? Is this a new found Fab thing or just a Hollywood inspiration that keeps waving B-town time and again? Whatever the case our actors nowadays are not shying away from getting under the needle and having a Tattoo sketched on them! Kets have a look at who’s sporting what and for whom? Lets start with our very own Saif Ali Khan. Unlike other actors Saif has never shyed away from displaying his affection for Bebo! To such an extent that their relation had just started of and he got his lady love’s name tattooed on his arm. The tattoo had been in the thick of many jokes though, but Saif carries the art with utter royalty! Esha Deol, though less known for her acting and more for being the brand ambassador for water purifiers, seems very religious and believes in portraying her spiritual sentiments through tattoos. Esha has Gayatri Mantra inked on her upper back. She definitely needs spiritual help for now with her career in Bollywood at least.Munni A.K.A Mallaika Arora Khan too has gotten herself a nice tattoo on her lower back which reads “Angel”. The tattoo looks awesomely artistic and has definitely not made her “Badnaam” for now! Sanju Baba can undoubtedly be called the king of all tattoo sporting superstars in bollywood. Yes, Sanjay Dutt supposedly has such an obsession for this art form that he has tattoos engraved all over his body. Unlike others he knows exactly what to get engraved and where. His well worked up and toned body looks swashbuckling under the almost half inked body. Lately he got Manyata’s name inked on his arm! There are many more who have got themselves Tattooed.

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