Sunday, October 2, 2011

Choosing a Cat Tattoo Design


Cats are incredible creatures and for some also simbolizes independence but when it comes to getting Ink encrusted in our skin to achieve a design there is a few things one has to keep in mind. For instance, choosing a unique design or custom made work is assential in order to avoid having something everyone else already have. Be creative, don't just choose what you normally see on other people.You might like tigers or black panthers but that don't mean the have to be posing or positioned just like the rest. You can have a reputable artist assist you on coming up with a creating that will only belongs to you, and having the kind of work that will make you proud not embarrased. If you're into pop culture, then you have to do research and try going to the best artist you can find since you will need someone who can capture emotions and expressions and translate them into that piece of artwork.Accuracy is important and one has to keep in mind that a well done job is priceless, so don't try going to the best artist and ask for a discount of simply don't expect going to just someone because they charge you a cheap price for something you will regret later on. I always recommend people to see the best artists, pay for quality, be creative and get custom made work. Being unique is what make us stand out in a crowd.

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