Sunday, October 2, 2011

The New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival

So many people turned up for the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival at New Plymouth's TSB Stadium this weekend it will be coming back every two years.
Thousands of tattoo enthusiasts and people watchers poured through the stadium where 140 tattoo artists, performers and rock bands had taken over. Organiser Brent Taylor of Oni Events said the turnout exceeded expectations. "It's been unreal. We have had through far more people than we ever expected. All of the artists have been working steadily through the weekend. They have all made money and made some good contacts in the industry," Mr Taylor said. The festival showcased the best New Zealand and international tattoo artists with 100 booths featuring live tattooing, piercing, art exhibitions and live entertainment.
Wellington's Sarah Crossly arrived at the festival with plans to track down a design for her first tattoo. "I have always wanted one but I have never known what to get so I'm looking for something different," she said. Ben Scoot, of New Plymouth, said he had been looking forward to the festival for months. "I haven't got much skin left," a heavily tattooed Mr Scoot said, "I'm sure I can find a place for something new." As well as getting ink, people were also treated to four live bands and dangerous stunts. "People really enjoyed the juggling chainsaws and all the feedback I have had has been good," said Mr Taylor. He said the charity skateboard auction also hit the mark, raising about $6000 for the Taranaki children's ward at Taranaki Base Hospital.

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