Sunday, October 2, 2011

Face Tattoos are not for everyone

I don't understand what's wrong with some people this days. They seem not to get that a face tattoo simply don't go with everyone and they ignored the fact that a tattoo must look appealing to themselves (seriously) and that it should be made appealing for those who are not into tattoos at all.
Gucci Mane recently got an ice cream cone stamped on his face and now Young LA got a "pink" duck tattooed on his. Those tattoos look stoopid and they're not easy on the eyes and people simply don't get it. There's other ways to get noticed (if that's the case), than simply stamping something on the face, other people will do eventually and it won't be interesting anymore.
Do they really have a meaning or someone is simply trying to star a trend? Is it a war or simply decoration of the body? What about the soul and the true meaning of the design chosen.

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